Governor Quinn Visits With Children At Robbins Library

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Governor Quinn visits Leonard Library in Robbins

Governor Quinn steps up to support the fundraising efforts to help keep the library afloat.


Robbins library gets helping hand from governor

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Mary Frances Bragiel Reporting
ROBBINS, Ill. (WBBM) — Governor Quinn is doing his part to help keep a south suburban library afloat.

Quinn says he’s extremely proud of the state’s library system, and as a result personally donated $100 to the William Leonard Library in suburban Robbins.

“The way it works in Illinois, if everybody gives what they can, it adds up and we want to make sure this library’s doors stay open,” Quinn said.

The board of the Skokie Public Library feels the same way. The group handed over more than $6,000 thanks to book sales and private donations.

Library director Priscilla Coatney says the money helped make payroll and keep services running.

“It was a miracle, I mean, they sent that check and it was exactly what I needed,” Coatney said.

Robbins officials say they’re hoping the General Assembly can come up with $100,000 to keep the library open.

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